Thank you so much for your support of the Florida Veterans for Common Sense Fund. From aiding criminal justice involved veterans through the Courts Assisting Veterans (CAVS), to supporting homeless veterans through Stand Downs, and helping hospitalized veterans and their caregivers with specific items they need, your generous assistance has helped countless veterans whose needs would otherwise go unmet.

And, I’m pleased to announce that the Florida Veterans for Common Sense Fund was awarded a grant as seed money to create the first ever statewide Florida Women Veterans Conference, aimed at empowering women veterans of all eras of service and fostering the creation of a statewide women veterans network.

Our Green Path Veterans Farm Project is underway and we are confident that it will be a long term success.

Thank you for your support, and for all you to help assist our veterans!

With very best wishes,
Gene Jones,
President, Florida Veterans for Common Sense Fund Inc.